Some Of The Fun And Interesting Facts About Gummy Candies

Some Of The Fun And Interesting Facts About Gummy Candies

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Gummy candies are enjoyed by all regardless of age. Gummy candies are one of the most demanded and popular sweets of all times. The first gummy candy company was introduced in the early years of 1900s. Gummy candies are enjoyed all over the world. Hairbo was the first person to introduce gummy candies to the world.

Here are some sweet and fun facts about gummy bear candies, which we bet you did not known before, they are:-
• Made with love – The recipe of the Hairbo gummy bear candies is a closed secret. You can find many alternative recipes online, but will never find the original one. The main ingredient of the gummy candies is gelatine, which is heated, flavoured, coloured and sweetened. Once the mix is prepared, it is poured into moulds shaped like hearts, teddies etc and then it is cooled to give it a hard shape.

• Nuts for sweets – The father of Hairbo, Hans Riegel started a very interesting practice amongst children in the 1930. He used to give away gummy candies in exchange to chestnuts and acorns. This tradition is continued and the nuts, which are collected, are used to feed animals in the wildlife sanctuaries. Children still become very excited to get a free bag of candies in exchange of nuts and acorns.
• Worming their way in – Gummy bears were introduced in America in 1980. Hairbo opened his first factory in America in Baltimore. The gummy candies were called as “worms”. These candies not only attracted children but sometimes grossed out their parents. Anyhow they still became very popular because of their taste or you can opt for painting with numbers

• Healthy candy – The gummy are prepared with virtually no fat in its composition. The gelatine used in the composition has some amount of protein in them. It is still a debate that gummy candies have high level of sugar in them which can be pretty harmful to people. Many researchers have come up with medicines with the idea of gummies. They are more fun to take and to the exact same benefit they have to as a medicine.

• Big gummies – Gummy bear candies are also a part of Guinness world records. The 81 pounds 3 ounces of 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide gummy candy was listed in the records are the world’s largest gummy bear candy.

Gummy bear candies are fun to eat and always a great sweet treat for anyone anytime. Now you can easily buy your favourite retro sweets by ordering them online. They are available for cheaper prices at the vendor websites.