How To Keep Your Pool Water Clear Using Home Remedies

How To Keep Your Pool Water Clear Using Home Remedies

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Owning a swimming pool is a great investment that really pays off especially during the summer season. For you to enjoy your investment, you will need to take proper care of it. Besides using pool stain removers to clean the pool, you will need to maintain clean water too. Keeping the pool water clean and in good shape will require a bit of dedication and keenness. Neglecting your pool may result in the water being cloudy and unsightly.

Cloudy water may be an indication of algae growing. Algae will form where the chlorine levels in the water are insufficient. Other reasons for algae to grow include; under filtration, poor circulation of the water, over-filtration or accumulation of debris. Excess calcium hardness also causes water to be cloudy. You will need to run a test to determine the cause before treating the water for cloudiness. There are a variety of cleaning products that are available for clearing and cleaning the pool but there are simple and easy ways that you can use to achieve the same results.

Baking soda
A swimming pool must have a good balance between the beneficial bacteria and the harmful bacteria. Adding chlorine into the water to balance the pH is the normal remedy for such a situation. However, you can add baking soda instead of chlorine. If the pool water has a pH of between 7.2-7.5 baking soda will do the trick Baking soda effectively increases alkalinity of the pool water. Because it is alkaline in nature, using baking soda will help in reducing the burning sensation in your eyes that you normally experience as you swim. Find out more about pool maintenance services in Townsville

Using normal table salt.

Salt when dissolved in water is able to kill most bacteria in the pool.You should add salt in amounts that are undetectable. The salt water solution inhibits growth of algae.

Hydrogen Peroxide
When aqeous hydrogen peroxide is added into water it acts as an oxidizer and disinfectant. It is safe for both human and animal use. It evaporates easily and is therefore safe for the environment. It is advisable to purchase the pool and spa hydrogen peroxide. This is because it is more stable and does not deteriorate. As a precaution, do not use hydrogen peroxide in your pool if it has any natural rubber components. This is because hydrogen peroxide easily degrades rubber.

Dissolving Borax
Borax is refined sodium tetraborate. It is a natural occurring mineral that is used to increase the acidity of the pool water. Borax is readily available at your nearest grocery store.

Water plants.
Purifying plants are a natural way to maintain clean water in the pool. Plants such as pond lilies are a good way to oxygenate your swimming pool. A well oxygenated pool will prevent the growth of aqueous algae. Some purifying plants also ingest bacteria, a natural way of removing harmful bacteria from the water. You can check out more about pool cleaning in Townsville

Uncovering the pool.
You need to have your pool get as much sunlight as it can. Natural sunlight will help in killing harmful bacteria that cause cloudiness. Limit the use of the pool cover to the nights or when away for long periods.